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Dear Friend,

f you have a brain in your head you should be skeptical about the statement I made above.

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I can work for 60 days and make a full time income forever on auto-pilot I would've probably laughed in their face.

But guess what?

If you were living 150 years ago and someone told you that you could speak and one billion people could all hear you in real time all over the world you would've been just as skeptical.

But then there was the industrial revolution and the advent of the radio and satellite

Now we just take it for granted that you can reach all those people at the same time.

Some of you may already realize that another revolution has taken place .

Something big has happened.

Radio can still reach billions of people. But you to have be a big corporation with a multi-million dollar budget to make it happen.

Today, YOU can reach that many people with the power of the internet.

And you don't need to be a millionaire to make it happen. Not even close.

This has opened up new avenues for communicating with the public.

But it has also created money-making possibilities for regular people just like you that we could never even dream of a few decades ago.

For the few people who know how to harness the power of the internet auto-pilot income streams have become bigger and more possible than ever before and is taking less and less monetary investment to make it happen.

For instance, once I learned the right skills, I was personally able to make $10,000 per month on auto-pilot off of just one website. Naturally I'm currently making more and more of these virtual ATM machines all the time and amassing a growing fortune.

Still skeptical? You should be.

But let me just give you a few reasons why you should believe that this sort of income is possible online for someone like you. Here's just a few ways the internet has completely changed the way we think about making money:

Never in history have we been able to reach so many potential customers for such little money. We already mentioned this one but it's worth repeating. Once I was armed with the right knowledge I literally have been able to have 50,000 targeted customers visit my websites each month and view my products and offers. How would you like to have that many shopping in your store each month?

Never in history have we been able to do the laser sharp TARGETED marketing that is now possible on the internet. For the first time in marketing history we business owners no longer need to go looking for customers. They are looking for us. There are millions of potential customers in thousands of possible niches searching on Google and Yahoo right now as you are read these words. Learn what they are looking for, have them land on your site, and give them what they want and you can be grabbing your sizable slice of the multi-billion dollar industry that is internet marketing.

Never in history have we been able to create a sales process that is so completely AUTOMATED. Every morning I wake up with notifications that I have made a sale. The money has been funneled into my Paypal account. The product was delivered flawlessly to the happy customer. The customer even received a follow up email to thank them for their purchase and will receive another email in a week informing them about another one of my product offers which will give me the chance for another auto-pilot sale.

All this was happening while I slept thanks to the advent of automated traffic generation, lead capture, digital product delivery systems and sophisticated autoresponder programs. It's completely hands free.

Never in history have we been able to test and track what is working and what isn't in our marketing so accurately.

In just one example of the revolutionary breakthroughs that have taken place, you will soon be learning about something called "Website Split Testing".

"Website Split Testing" takes two versions of a website and tests them against each other for effectiveness. The one that makes you more money wins and becomes your new website. But then software can once again split that "winning" website into two more websites which once again compete against each other. Once again the winner takes all and this process continues until the optimal website is created.

Sounds like science fiction. But it isn't. People on the web are using such tactics as we speak right now to ramp up their profits ratios on a daily basis. Soon you will learn how to do this too.

Never in history have we been able to launch such massive business models with such pathetically little start up cash and with such little expenses. A small "brick and mortar" (offline) business can cost you $2,000 per month on rent alone. I get my domain names and hosting (the online version of "rent") for let than $20 month. Direct marketing mailer campaigns which can run you up a small fortune paying for stamps and envelopes. I use email marketing and digital search marketing whose price can run from inexpensive to almost nothing if you know what you are doing.

Is this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

No, no and triple no. Under the system your are about to learn you will be creating your OWN, UNIQUE and 100% ORIGINAL products that provide every day solutions to people just like yourself.

You may become very wealthy with this system very fast if you take action, but there are no gimmicks here. It will take weeks of hard work to get your business off the ground. You also won't make money unless you provide real people with a product they truly need or want. You will learn how to create such products and it's much easier to do than you think.

What will I be selling?


"What's that!? You can't sell information, can you?"

Well just tell that to any Law or Medical School that is charging $30,000/year selling information. What about the billion dollar book sale industry? Information again. What about legal, marketing or stock consultants? They too charge top dollar in exchange for information.

Now let me give you a few reasons why selling information is just about the best thing you can sell.

  1. It costs nothing to create.
  2. It costs nothing to store it.
  3. There's unlimited supply.
  4. You can sell the very same information over and over again to different people who need it.
  5. People will always have a great need for it.

Helpful information. Information that provides solid solutions to people with common problems they encounter in their lives.

When you sign up for the course below you'll learn how to find these solution-seekers and how to find the information they need.

Then you'll learn how to make them a product they simply can't resist.

How Much Money Will I Need To Invest?

No business has ever made any decent money without some initial investment of capital. I am very upfront about how much it will take to get started.

It will cost you approximately $350 in upfront flat fees for educational materials, market testing, and various administrative expenses to set up shop. Traffic generation with my system can cost you anywhere from $0-$1,000 per month depending on your niche, how much of the work you want to do yourself and how much money you want to make.

So we are talking about in a worst case scenario spending $350 in flat fees plus $1,000 per month to generate a generous full time permanent auto-pilot income. I challenge you to find that sort of return on investment anywhere.

You can sleep well at night knowing you are investing in a system that uses ONLY PROVEN business methods that have worked on the internet with great success for over a decade.

The business plan you will create with this system will be so rock-solid that any bank should be willing to loan you the initial investment of capital or I will have failed you.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Join Your Course?

Zip. Nada. Zilch. There's a box below. You put in your name and email and your training begins immediately. If you were to actually call me up and have me walk you through this process it would cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars of consulting fees. Right now I'm taking a bit of a wild gamble and giving people access to my system for absolutely nothing.

A lot of people think I'm nuts for letting you into this course for free and maybe they're right.

So why am I doing this?

One reason is because I actually would like others to experience the sort of success I have experienced. It just makes me feel good to help people out. I want to show people that they really can get out of the rat race. I want to show them that they really can have an auto-pilot income and go where they want, when they want and do the things they enjoy most in life.

Life is too short to spend it slaving away to an angry boss in a stuffy office. Imagine being able to wake up when you want, live anywhere, without having to answer to anyone but yourself and actually make more money than your friends who are still slaving away at their old job.

I want to show people that this is not just a dream. It is a reality. People are already living this kind of life and I want you to experience how great it is. 

But I have other reasons too. 

I also think this program will wind up being profitable for me.

I mentioned already that there are some initial investments you'll need to make to set up your business. If you will  make those initial investments using the products and resources I recommend, I can earn a commission on those purchases.

Whether this will work remains to be seen but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I teach you how to build your auto-pilot business, and as a thank you, you set it up using the resources I recommend, purchasing through my links and we are both making money together.

I am also hoping that when your successful website is up and running the two of us can become business partners and we can promote each other’s products to our own email list and we can both maximize our profits together.

Will This System Work For Me?

It is up to you. If you are willing to put in the 60 days and take action this system will work for anyone even if:

You have no clue how to make a website.

You've never sold anything in your life.

You've never opened a business before.

You are not "savvy" about how the internet works.

You will also greatly benefit from the 60 Day Intensive if you already have a product and would like to market it online.

It will also greatly benefit you if you are already familiar with internet marketing but haven't yet found a proven system that really works or you just want to make more money from what you already do.

All you really need is to be able to read, write and follow the directions I give you.

So enough talk. Let's get started on building your business.

I will show you everything you need to know step by simple step until your $10K/Month business is up and running. Period.

As I mentioned my friends all are calling me nuts for letting you into this email course at no charge so please take me up on this offer now before I cave in to the pressure and start charging $100 for access to these lessons. That could happen at any time so take action right now.

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Mike Williams


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